Votum Limited Edition Series

Votum Jewellery introduces the Limited Edition Series. The first of the series is the Chihauhau skull named Minou. Eighteen pendants are made, after which Bridget will destroy the mold.


To order, email Bridget at info@votumjewellery.com

Cost: $480 CDN + 5% service fee.


Votum Limited Edition of 18- Minou-chi skull
Votum Limited Edition of 18- Minou-chi skull

For dog lovers and fans of anatomical jewellery, Votum has a new limited edition piece out named after one of Angela Bright’s Chihauhuas. Inspired as a birthday gift from her husband (fellas, take note), and one of my biggest collectors of the Votum line, I combined Angela’s LOVE of Chihauhuas and bone jewellery to make a Chi skull.


After working a wax prototype from generic chi skull images, I thought it needed some ears, so I asked Angela’s husband to send me some pics of their own, Birdie and Minou. The sterling silver Chi amulet features the upper skull with ears and comes on a heavy gauge chain with a visible wee femur bone toggle clasp. Angela named the Votum piece Minou, and this Chi skull will be a playful edition to the Votum limited collection of eighteen amulets.