a little block of wax

bridget carving sphenoid
bridget catchpole carving the sphenoid bone

When Bridget handcarved the designs for Votum on a little block of wax, her first piece was the single femur bone, named "Courageous", in memory of her father who had very bad hips. Her father, a symphony cellist, had no less than four hip replacements, so you could imagine his gait! But he was a true Englishman and loved to hike. He believed walking would keep his hips from seizing up. So, true to his nature, he never gave up.The double femur, called "Brave", was added to the heart 'n bones collection as an articulated piece, meaning it moved nicely when you wore it.

Her father's show of determination was remarkable and when Votum Jewellery started as a business, that's what Votum became- jewellery imbued with offerings of gratitude,

protection, and hope.